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The Sandbox of God: Remastered now available!

Hooray! The Sandbox of God: Remastered is finally here, with more modes and new visuals for this ol’ classic game.
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The Sandbox of God 1.5 now available!

I’m happy to announce that The Sandbox of God 1.5 is now available to download! This is a huge update to the most popular game I’ve ever made. Can you believe it’s been five years since I made that game? Crazyness.
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Sandbox of God and Game Maker 8: You Decide.

So it seems that Game Maker 8 is coming out by the end of December. Which is awesome. But I have something to ask you all, and it’s going to be totally up to you. The question: should I push back the release of the Sandbox of God 1.5 and Remastered in order to take advantage of Game Maker 8? By push back I mean the release would be in a few weeks, certainly no later than January.
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The Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition- coming December 19th!

I’m pleased to announce that the Sandbox of God v1.5 and The Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition will be released on December 19th! And now for a plethora of information.
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Week of ShellBlast Finale

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend. It’s time to wrap up the Week of ShellBlast with some more free content!
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Spirits of Metropolis v1.10 Update Released

Just a quick note that Spirits of Metropolis v1.10 is now available! The game has been patched and is now available to purchase on spiritsofmetropolis.com. Those who already have purchased the game should contact me for details on downloading the patch. Just use the “Let’s Talk!” widget on the right bottom side of the blog and shoot me an email.
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