Spirits of Metropolis v1.10 Update Released

Just a quick note that Spirits of Metropolis v1.10 is now available! The game has been patched and is now available to purchase on spiritsofmetropolis.com. Those who already have purchased the game should contact me for details on downloading the patch. Just use the “Let’s Talk!” widget on the right bottom side of the blog and shoot me an email.

The following fixes have been added to v1.10:

-Puzzle Editor: When choosing Done but selecting No to go back to the editor, the Settings button would appear. This was part of a feature cut from the full game, and does not function with the Puzzle Editor. The Settings button has been removed from the game entirely.
-In certain instances, users would not be able to place white gems on the board even though there are no white gems in the level. This usually happens when a user creates a second level after making one already. This has been fixed.
-You can now press F9 to take a screenshot of the game.
-The installer for 1.07 would not create a shortcut for the Start Menu, only for the uninstaller. This has been fixed for the new installer of 1.10.

I have some announcements to make this week regarding the new puzzle pack and a price cut for Spirits of Metropolis…so if you’re itching to buy the game, I suggest waiting a few more days till the news. It’ll be worth it. 😀

11 Commentsto Spirits of Metropolis v1.10 Update Released

  1. blueflare says:

    Hooray! That’s great news!

    Unfortunately, I still possess no money. >.<

  2. UltimateAgent says:

    Been going a little overboard on the blog postings haven’t you?

    But I still have no money… =(

  3. chubigans says:

    The blog postin’ will resume it’s erratic schedule next week. But there’s just a lot to talk about this week. 8)

  4. Them says:

    I think Chubigans is making up for the earlier lack of blog posts :[

    These are some weird emoticons… 🙂 :bloody: :choler: :p

  5. No Way man! These daily updates are awesome! I demand they stay.

    As for the updates, I probably wont upgrade to 1.10. None of those bugs are causing me any problems, and my internet can barely handle an animated gif let alone a game.

    Still good news nonetheless!

  6. Illari says:

    I was hoping you would fix the music selection thingy… the text disappears every time you click on it, making finding songs difficult. Also for some reason the thingy is highlighted for a few seconds after you enter the puzzle menu, and if the mouse enters the thing during that perioid it doesn’t recognize the mouse being over it. Anyways I’m happy the puzzle editor is fixed now.

    Also, why would you make the game cheaper? $20 is perfectly reasonable for a game of this size. Many much smaller games are priced the same and they sell well anyways.

  7. chubigans says:

    $20 games of this size can sell well…but only if they have a bigger advertising budget behind them and portal support. I have neither of those things.

    Because portals only look at a game that’s priced $20 to start with, that’s the price I had to stick to. And I do think Spirits is worth that price. After three months, I’m realizing the portal route isn’t going to work (I have yet to hear back from any of them).

    So, I’m cutting the price down and starting a new path: indie puzzle game, instead of the casual market game. With this price I’ll feel more comfortable in trying to get the game on indie-related sites, as the original price point doesn’t reach out very well to the indie game buyers.

    If Spirits was selling well, I wouldn’t be doing this obviously, but it’s low in traffic and sales, and I have to make some new plans. The price will be $12.95 this week or next.

  8. Ironfruit says:

    Just out of interest, how well is the game doing? How much money have you made?

  9. chubigans says:

    I plan to reveal all that in a post next week that outlines my strategy and how we’re doing financially. Could be doing better. Lots better.

    But I’m still optimistic. 😀

  10. ashkan_gc says:

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    i know you are busy now but again take a look at unity things

  11. chubigans says:

    Thanks ashkan, I will definitely check that out!