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SALE! Lotsa Prices Slashed/ Oil Blue now $8.95

To celebrate the Oil Blue being listed in the upcoming 250 Indie Games You Must Play book, I’ve brought down the prices on some games …

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First Reviews for Oil Blue/”Review Roundup” added!

Hooray, the first reviews for the Oil Blue! Adding to this is a new site feature that allows you to read/write reviews for all of …

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And the May contest winner is…

…who could it be…


Spirits of Metropolis: Fred the Monkey Pack Available Now!

What WHAT? A new puzzle pack for the outstanding puzzle game Spirits of Metropolis you say?! Starring the characters of!? Yes, it’s true. And …

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Spirits of Metropolis: SOG Puzzle Pack Available Now!

With all the Sandbox of God buzz going around, I thought I’d whip out the SOG puzzle pack for Spirits of Metropolis, absolutely free to …

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Spirts of Metropolis now $9.99/Combo of Awesome- $12.95!

Just a quick note that Spirits of Metropolis is now only $9.99, a discount of nearly 25% off the original price! As a result, the …

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