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#screenshotsaturday Roundup- September 2011

At the end of every month I’ll round up all the screenshots posted for #screenshotsaturday on our Twitter feed, for your viewing convenience. So, here they all are:
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The Right Touch (Designing HUD for Mobile)

When I began my first project for iOS/mobile devices, I assumed it would be fairly simple. Just make the buttons larger to accommodate for a finger instead of a mouse, space out elements a bit more, and you’re done! Hoo boy, I quickly found out it’s not that simple at all.
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Doin’ that Mobile Thingy

It is absolutely crazy to me that there are not just one, but several iOS games available to buy right now from YoYo Games, authors of Game Maker. That these games were built using Game Maker. That there are GM authors making some cash right now. That I have my own game on the Playstation Network. That there are more ports of GM coming to Android, and if you're interested in android games, you can go to sites as to find the best games for your phone. I've gone from focusing on one platform to asking myself, how many different platforms can I target with one game?

First Reviews for Oil Blue/”Review Roundup” added!

Hooray, the first reviews for the Oil Blue! Adding to this is a new site feature that allows you to read/write reviews for all of our commercial games.
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Week of ShellBlast Finale

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend. It’s time to wrap up the Week of ShellBlast with some more free content!
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Week of ShellBlast: Day 5 (2 Gameplay Videos)

It’s nearly the end of the Week of Shellblast…say, you didn’t miss yesterday’s post on the exciting contest did you? Well don’t forget to enter! You have a few days left. 🙂

But anyways I thought I’d show the last two gameplay videos of ShellBlast HD, this time revolving around the Simulation Chamber and a Nuke level.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the first official PC ShellBlast level pack for all you SB owners. Woo!