First Reviews for Oil Blue/”Review Roundup” added!

Hooray, the first reviews for the Oil Blue! Adding to this is a new site feature that allows you to read/write reviews for all of our commercial games.

Here’s what had to say:

“If you can press a few buttons and watch a few gauges, you can master The Oil Blue, and you’ll have an amazing time doing it…What it lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in playability and raw intrigue. The Oil Blue looks great, plays great, and will suck you in for hours at a time. An excellent release from Vertigo Games!”

And what’s Andrew Webster said:

In the end, The Oil Blue isn’t for everyone. It starts out slow and for the first few hours seems overly complex. But if you can push through the early portions of the game — which do an excellent job of introducing the various gameplay elements — you’ll be rewarded with a rich and rewarding experience that’s really unlike any game out there. It doesn’t hurt that it also looks great and features a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack that really helps add to its unique tone.

If nothing else, The Oil Blue manages to take the process of oil drilling and turn it into a fun and addictive game experience.

(Just a quick note that the difficulty of the repair minigames has been dialed down slightly in the latest version of the game, so it shouldn’t be as frustrating as the review noted.)

And if you’ve bought the Oil Blue or any of our commercial games and would like to weigh in with your opinion, then check out our new Review Roundup pages on the site. Right now it’s just for the commercial games but I might add pages for the freeware on the site later down the line.

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The Oil Blue Review Roundup

These pages will be implemented into the main site this week, but I could use a few comments, good or bad, to fill them out. So post away your praise (or frustration) today!

I won’t be posting every review on the blog that the Oil Blue receives in the coming weeks, but I’ll link them via the review roundup and Twitter. Woo!



  1. Damo566 says:

    I has one on my Blog. Click my name to get there. ­čśŤ

  2. Jeff says:

    This game rocks. Really great job by everyone involved. I tried the demo and loved it. So addicting, complex, and rewarding. Regarding the complex, I sometimes felt over my head but even then it was still fun. I really hope this game comes to Steam.