Randomness #9530 – Oil Blue Soundtrack, Games & More

First off, happy Fourth of July weekend for all the American readers out there! Nothing better than blowing stuff up real good. Just a few quick things before I head on out this weekend:

-Jonathan Geer has set up a bandcamp page for the Oil Blue Soundtrack! It’s a pay what you want system, so if you’d like to pick it up for $5, 10 or even free, it’s up to you. Keep in mind I’m not making any money off of this; all sales go directly to the composer. I mention that because some people might think they’re entitled to a free copy since they bought the Oil Blue, but in fact they’re shortchanging the composer. It’s ultimately your call of course, but do check it out!

-The Oil Blue will be submitted to various indie games contest including indiePub, who’s $100,000 contest is only a month away from ending. I wonder if I can get another game made in time? Hmmm…

-Yet another game announcement is happening this month, so I’d keep my eyes peeled to the blog for more info!

Finally, thanks to everyone for their tremendous support for the Oil Blue. It’s definitely the most successful game I’ve ever made and it’s great to hear so much fantastic feedback. I’ll be posting more reviews on my Twitter account hopefully soon. Enjoy the weekend!

Picture by Grant Erb



  1. MT says:

    Hi Mr.Chubigans

    I was wondering why your great games haven’t gotten their way onto successful platforms like steam (from memory weren’t you the one who had used Direct2Drive?)

    Also, how goes the XBL port of your other game (haven’t been up to date with the news)

    I could definitely see something like Sandbox of God Remastered (my personal favourite) selling bazillions of copies. Is there legalities or something stopping you from putting a GM game on Steam?

  2. Sara says:


  3. JKR says:

    I’m sure Chubs will comment more, but Steam is really tough to get on. That’s probably why they haven’t gotten to the service. It’s really tough, they really, REALLY make you jump through hoops and reject a LOT of games.

  4. chubigans says:

    Indeed, The Oil Blue is the first Steam game I’ve submitted because it’s the first game that I really feel has a chance of making it. So far no response…but I’ll update with more news if I receive any.

    Thanks for the post! Oh, and XBL games are going well, though the dev has a lot on his plate right now so it’s a bit slow making the next game (the XBL games are done by another person, not me). But, hopefully we’ll have another game on the service this year!

  5. To everyone who thinks the game is glamorizing the oil industry: did you actually play the game, or did you just see the word “oil” and freak out? If you play it, you’ll see there’s no reason for alarm.