The Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition- coming December 19th!

I’m pleased to announce that the Sandbox of God v1.5 and The Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition will be released on December 19th! And now for a plethora of information.

The Sandbox of God is easily the most popular game I’ve ever made, and since it’s release I’ve been wanting to go back and retouch a lot of issues I had with the game, including it’s compatibility issues and some features that people have been requesting for quite some time.

There are two versions of this game coming on the 19th, outlined below:

The Sandbox of God v 1.5

This free new upgrade replaces the old version of the Sandbox of God with numerous improvements and upgrades! The list of features include:

-Upgraded engine: the game now runs more efficiently than the old version, and now has support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista!

-Upgraded resolution: SOG 1.5 now runs at 800×600 bordered, and no longer forces a 640×480 resolution on your monitor.

-New play speeds: now you can run the game at 2x and 3x times the speed instantly via a control box displayed in-game!

-New music and sound effects: the game no longer uses MP3 files, which caused many compatibility issues. All the old SFX have been replaced, and a whole new soundtrack has been added!

-Upgrades across the board: better pop-up window message support, a new save engine which allows for updates and patches in the future, a new options menu and lots more!

The Sandbox of God v1.5 will be available exclusively at GameJolt on December 19th! But that’s not all. Another version of SOG is coming out on the same day, called the Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition!

The Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition contains all of the 1.5 features, but also includes some brand new features specifically for this exclusive version, including:

-New graphics pack, “Simulated Boardgame:” You can play SOG in it’s classic style or switch to a brand new style called Simulated Boardgame. In this new style, SOG:R simulates how one might play a boardgame version of the Sandbox of God in their basement using light gels, clay figures, blocks and cards, and Christmas lights. Switch between the classic style and boardgame style freely between rounds, and get ready for a really unique experience!

-New game mode: Warfare. In addition to the Sandbox Mode, there’s a brand new adventure called Warfare Mode. As man sits atop the world, enjoying the fruits of his labor, evil rabbits plot revenge. Defend man’s civilization across 20+ levels as you purchase new defenses and upgrades, and prepare to do battle with the ever-multiplying civilization of rabbits. Use your godly powers of lighting and destruction to destroy rabbit armies and huts…provided that you have enough cash, of course. Unlock new cards by beating Sandbox mode and see how far into the future you can survive!

So how much will the Sandbox of God: Remastered Edition be? Well, I have some great news! If you purchased any game in the Vertigo Games Store, including the upcoming “The Oil Blue,” you will receive the Remastered Edition absolutely free (offer valid until April 2010). Not only that, but if you’ve purchased any game at any time since the store has launched two years ago, you’re still eligible for getting the game for free! It’s just my way of thanking you for the support you’ve given me (and comes at a nice time, when Spirits of Metropolis and the Combo of Awesome gets a price reduction!). And since SOG:R won’t be sold separately until April 2010, it will remain a very exclusive gift for quite a while. See the FAQ below for details.


Q: I purchased a game a few weeks back, so how do I get SOG:R?
A: Simply use this contact form and give me the full name used to purchase the game. I’ll email you a voucher within 2-4 business days after Dec. 19th. Anyone that buys any game on the store after the 19th will receive the game with their downloadable automatically.
Q: I bought a Vertigo Game from Direct2Drive (or another 3rd party website). Can I still get the game?
A: If you can provide some sort of proof via a digital reciept, I will gladly give you a voucher for the game. Contact me via the form for more info.
Q: Does this offer include buying ShellBlast HD on the Xbox Live store?
A: Unfortunately this does not include any other market aside from PC. This may change in the near future, so stay tuned.
Q: I redeemed a free voucher for a VG game; can I get SOG: R?
A: Sorry, this offer is only available for people who have purchased any VG game in the last two years and up until April 2010.
Q: Can I purchase SOG: R?
A: The game will be available to buy seperately April 2010, at a TBA price. This free game promotion will end at that time.



  1. Damn Nice Christmas present you’ve got there. 😉

  2. Dale_Fan3 says:

    Wahoo! I guess I should get around to buying some of the games, then.

    Anyway, I have 2 questions. You say that the resolution isn’t forced to 640×480, but will be 800×600 with a border. Will it force the new 800×600 resolution, or will it be windowed? If it’s a forced resolution, will you do anything to let people with widescreen monitors play with the right ratio?

    You also said this: “If you’ve purchased any game in the Vertigo Games Store, including the upcoming “The Oil Blue,” you will receive the Remastered Edition absolutely free. Not only that, but if you’ve purchased any game at any time since the store has launched, you’re eligible for getting the game for free!”
    Is the VG Store mentioned in the first sentence the same store you mention in the second sentence? I assume you meant to say “If you purchase any game…”, instead of using the past tense twice.

  3. chubigans says:

    It will be windowed, no more forced resolutions. If you put it into full screen mode, the game will NOT scale it to your resolution or expand it while keeping the same aspect ratio- it will simply add a black screen to the whole background.

    And yeah, that was worded kinda poorly. Basically if you’ve bought any game from me from two years ago up till April 2010, you’re good for a free game. Just be sure to contact me if you bought a game before SOG: Remastered is released.

  4. Pete says:

    Ahah! So this means you will release The Oil Blue before April 2010! 😀