Liquisity 2: Let’s Kickstart This Project!

It’s time to experiment by using a new method of funding future game projects, with a website called

This is a relatively new website that many indie game makers are experimenting with. Basically, it’s a funding program where I can set a funding goal to achieve in a set amount of days, and give rewards to people who want to back the project.

Check out the Liquisity 2 Kickstarter page, where it will tell you all about the game and what I’m planning for it. Then you can choose to “back” the project with a number of different rewards issued at each amount given, which are mostly discounted offers of my current and future commercial games. The good thing is you don’t have to pay any money if the overall goal isn’t met by the end of January. Neato, eh?

What I could really use is some help in getting the word out for this project. won’t give this project any attention unless it can get quite a few page views, so I could really use any support you can give me in linking to this project via your personal sites or any other place you can think of. We might get to the goal, or I might not receive a single backer, but whatever the case is, this should be a great experiment to watch!



  1. amidos2006 says:

    Thats looks awesome but is that mean that the Liquisty 2 graphics wont be used anymore ??

    Hope to see some of liquisity 2 asset as it was so awesome with the lighting in the ocean and the other stuff it looks amazing and I am sure this also will looks amazing ­čÖé

  2. chubigans says:

    Some of the lighting stuff in Liquisity 2 has made its way to other games, including Kablooey! But yeah, I think conceptually there’s some neat stuff in the old version of Liquisity 2 that might make it’s way back somewhere in a different game. Dunno what that game would be, but you never know.