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Gamin’ Updates: June 2011

Well things have been-a happenin’ for the last few months, and I thought I’d give everyone updates on the progress behind the scenes.

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So, What’s Happenin’?

Well it’s been a bit since my last update, but I just wanted to inform you all on what’s going on behind the scenes and …

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Liquisity 2 Art Production

Chubigans asked me months ago to make blog posts for the site.  Usually I’m working on secret stuff, so it’s a bit hard to just …

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Randomness #01A: Games Edition

Even more updates incoming, including an update for everyone who’s purchased any of our games from the Vertigo Games store, as well as our monthly …

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Liquisity 2 (indiePub Competition Entry) now available!

I’m happy to announce that a competition version of Liquisity 2 is now available to download!


NEW GAME ANNOUNCEMENT: Liquisity 2- indiePub Competition Edition Coming August 5th!

I’m thrilled to announce Liquisty 2 (indiePub Competition Edition), a small version of a larger release coming later this year!