So, What’s Happenin’?

Well it’s been a bit since my last update, but I just wanted to inform you all on what’s going on behind the scenes and what’s to come!

You might recall that I’ve released three games within the winter timeframe (Winter Solstice, Spirits of Metropolis and the Sandbox of God:Remastered), all of which got lost in the shuffle/sold horribly during said timeframe. So, I won’t be doing that again this year, instead taking the time to work on games and managing some ports.

The Oil Blue is going to be distributed via an external publisher, and is currently being wrapped and processed for delivery on many websites on the net’. I’m very excited about this opportunity and hope to relay more info once the game is ready for publishing on their end. Woo!

greenTech+ is currently being ported to some to be announced platforms, and it’s my hope that they come out by the end of this year. It’s already available on the PC, and should hopefully be available on Gamersgate by the end of the year as well.

An unannounced game is currently in the planning/outlining stages and will be our first release in 2011. It’s an original title, more deliberate, slower paced strategy/sim that I’m very excited about, and will be our first initiative towards making an iPad compatible game via YoYo Games. Because of this, all future PC games will have a resolution of 1024×640, a bump up from the 960×600 used in the Oil Blue/Liquisity 2. I will announce the game by the end of the year.

Ore no Ryomi 3 is being drawn/planned, which will be a later 2011 release. I’m putting this game on the backburner a bit in order to get some more original content out there first, because the cooking genre is so extremely crowded that I want the Vertigo Games name to be known before trying to release this type of game. The final release will not have the Ore no Ryomi name.

Liquisity 2 is going to be retooled after the comments I received on the indiePub entry. Kickstarter members will get the scoop on what all that entails later this year, and it’s my goal to shoot for the iPhone/PSP platforms with Liquisity 2.

Those aren’t all the games I have planned, but it’s a good array of what you’ll be seeing from us this year and next. I can’t wait to start branching off to different platforms, and I think some of the new games coming out next year will definitely be, well, interesting and original to say the least. Till then, enjoy this holiday season of gaming, and I’ll be back soon with some more announcements! Woo!

Image by ahmed.hassan.



  1. joe_042293 says:

    Holy hellfire, ONR3! I hope 2011’ll be the year for it. ­čśÇ

    I got a PSP recently, so it’d be pretty cool to play a VG game on it.

  2. JKR says:

    Glad to hear the iPhone is on your list! I’ve been doing pretty much all my gaming on either that or the DSi. I spend about 12 hours a day now working on my PC (true animation takes FOREVER) so the last thing I want to do is stare at it more…

    Good luck with the upcoming projects.

  3. UltimateAgent says:

    Don’t leave out us Droid people! :'(

  4. xot says:

    I’m looking forward to eventually reading about your experience with YoYo and the iPad.