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ShellBlastHD Approved. Celebration Imminent.

Optum just informed me that ShellBlast HD is approved for the Indie Games service and will be available in 48 hours to buy! Woo! So …

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Kablooey!: I’m Going For It (plus ShellBlast HD update)

The folks at 2BeeGames are having another indie game competition, with the stakes at $10,000 again. I’ve decided to go for it: I’m going to …

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Shellblast HD Finished

I should really post more often… Lots has been done since the last post made and Shellblast HD is now at the point of completion. …

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JUNE CONTEST: Win a Copy of ShellBlast!

It’s time for the first annual Vertigo Games contest, where you could easily win a free copy of ShellBlast for the PC. Whoa.


ShellBlast HD: After 25 Attempts, the Boxart is Done.

One of the main problems facing the Xbox Live Community Games market is the fact that there’s quite a bit of junk. And with no …

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Shellblast HD: New and Different

Work on the classic Shellblast game mode is now complete and bug testing so far has yielded no errors, which is always great as a …

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