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Week of ShellBlast: Day 4 (CONTEST)

Who’s ready to win some free shwag? Well then, it’s time to kick off the Contest of Awesome!
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Week of ShellBlast: Day 3 (more wallpapers/video)

Day three brings us a few more wallpapers, this time with a slightly darker theme.

Week of ShellBlast HD: Day 3 (SofM Puzzle Pack)

Well the week finally continues; sorry about the delay folks. So here’s day three of the week of ShellBlast HD! Woo!
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(NEW) Quick ShellBlast HD Status Update

NEW UPDATE (9/1): Success! Everything is good now and the art is back on. Look for the week of ShellBlast to continue tomorrow!

NEW UPDATE (8/31): We’ve just resubmitted to MS, so hopefully we’ll be back up early this week!

UPDATE (8/28): Looks like there was indeed a bug that glitched our game from displaying our artwork…quite a rare one, actually. We will have to resubmit to Microsoft in a few days but the good news is that they’re accommodating us so that we’re back on the Marketplace quickly. Again, the game itself is not affected and will be the same exact game once it’s resubmitted; this is only a glitch with the display. So, until the game is back up in it’s proper format, I’m holding off on the rest of the week of ShellBlast. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

UPDATE (11:19PM): We just made contact with Microsoft and there is indeed a few glitches in the system. The game is perfectly fine and ready to buy, but all our boxart/artwork is currently missing. They are working on it now, and I’ll continue the blog shindig tomorrow evening. Thanks everyone!

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Week of ShellBlast: Day 2 (wallpapers/video)

Day 2 of the week o’ ShellBlast HD is here, so lets get our wallpaper mojo going as well as a new gameplay vid. Woo!

NEW GAME RELEASED: ShellBlast HD, Available Now!

I’m pleased to announce that the Optum-developed Indie Games title is now up for download. ShellBlast HD can be found in the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace! A demo is available for all Xbox Live Silver/Gold members, and the full version is 400MS points.

For a rundown on all the new features of the game, check out the official page. And watch the blog all this week for new gameplay videos, wallpapers, level packs, and lots more! But until then, give the game a try yourself and enjoy the splodin’ action!