NEW GAME RELEASED: ShellBlast HD, Available Now!

I’m pleased to announce that the Optum-developed Indie Games title is now up for download. ShellBlast HD can be found in the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace! A demo is available for all Xbox Live Silver/Gold members, and the full version is 400MS points.

For a rundown on all the new features of the game, check out the official page. And watch the blog all this week for new gameplay videos, wallpapers, level packs, and lots more! But until then, give the game a try yourself and enjoy the splodin’ action!



  1. amidos2006 says:

    WOW the blog looks amazing 😀

    and the game too Hope I had XBOX to try it 🙁

  2. blueflare says:

    Man, that’s so great! I’m so happy for you. Here’s hoping you make lots of moneys!

  3. joe_042293 says:

    Downloading now!

    By the way, don’t know if it’s just me, but the boxart isn’t showing up in the menu for me, but it is for all other games – a sort of default, generic 360 logo is displayed instead for Shellblast.

  4. chubigans says:

    Yeah, there seems to be a bug for a few devs that doesn’t update the boxart/screenshots for 48 hours. Hopefully we can get that sorted out soon.

  5. UltimateAgent says:

    Joe says he found a spelling error in the awards, nuclear is misspelled. And apparently the scrolling background has a bad flicker where it loops.

  6. Optum says:

    Good spot, nuclear is indeed misspelt on the second page. And that flicker is also present, although it appears after a while which is odd. All stuff that can be solved in an update.

    Hopefully the boxart will be up soon, is annoying that it did not go up straight away. Oh well it is in Microsoft’s hands.

  7. chubigans says:

    I was tired of nuclear being spelled the same way every time. Joe simply found the hidden easter egg! Congrats Joe!

  8. UltimateAgent says:

    Be forewarned: Joe is playing the game, and tearing it apart looking for bad stuff.

  9. marioandluigi206 says:

    Yeah, Joe found a few bugs/control issues. He or I will probably put together a bug report and send it to you.

  10. chubigans says:

    Tell him to email me directly instead of posting it on the blog. :p

    That is, if he finds anything else. This was beta’d quite thoroughly. 😀

    edit: whoa, just missed Mario there.

  11. joe_042293 says:

    Yeah, I’ve found a few grammatical nuances and such, but overall, this is a fantastic port of an already excellent game. Everyone at Optum – and of course you, David – has done a brilliant job here.

  12. joe_042293 says:

    After having learned that Xbox Indie Games are allowed on GameFAQs, I submitted Shellblast HD for approval. I cited Optum as the developer, rather than VG, since that’s what it says on the official Xbox website. But I noticed that VG is credited with developing two games: Acidbomb 2, and… WWE Smackdown vs. Raw Online.

    It’s that impostor company. They must be stopped!

  13. Sweet! It’s a real pity I don’t own a 360, because the visuals and overall presentation values look great.

  14. joe_042293 says:

    Okay, I sent out the email with anything I found. I hope you’re still using your old Yahoo account, David.

  15. chubigans says:

    Got the list! You guys are awesome. :mrgreen: