(NEW) Quick ShellBlast HD Status Update

NEW UPDATE (9/1): Success! Everything is good now and the art is back on. Look for the week of ShellBlast to continue tomorrow!

NEW UPDATE (8/31): We’ve just resubmitted to MS, so hopefully we’ll be back up early this week!

UPDATE (8/28): Looks like there was indeed a bug that glitched our game from displaying our artwork…quite a rare one, actually. We will have to resubmit to Microsoft in a few days but the good news is that they’re accommodating us so that we’re back on the Marketplace quickly. Again, the game itself is not affected and will be the same exact game once it’s resubmitted; this is only a glitch with the display. So, until the game is back up in it’s proper format, I’m holding off on the rest of the week of ShellBlast. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

UPDATE (11:19PM): We just made contact with Microsoft and there is indeed a few glitches in the system. The game is perfectly fine and ready to buy, but all our boxart/artwork is currently missing. They are working on it now, and I’ll continue the blog shindig tomorrow evening. Thanks everyone!

Original Message: Hey folks, as you’re probably aware, the boxart/screenshots for ShellBlast HD have yet to go up for the game on the Xbox Live Indie Games service. We’re currently talking to Microsoft about it and we hope to have it re-listed with the proper content this time around. If that happens, the game may be unavailable for a very short period of time. This has to do with the marketing display only…the actual game has been uploaded successfully and plays great, so feel free to try/buy right now. 🙂 Thanks, and I’ll be back tonight with another blog post!



  1. Spaceoff says:

    The ShellBlastHD graphics look a bit over the top… but good luck in selling it anyway.

  2. chubigans says:

    I’m not sure what that means, but thanks! :p

  3. Good to know things are being sorted out. 🙂