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Cook, Serve, Delicious Beta Successful!

Wow, the Cook, Serve, Delicious beta was hugely successful, and has brought about a lot of changes and improvements that will only make the final release that much better!
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Game Notes: Game Ideas Wastebin #1

Every now and then at the Coffee Shop I have some downtime to write in my notebook, whether it’s game code for a game I’m making or ideas for a future project. I thought I’d share some seeing as how most of these won’t ever see the light of day.
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Game Notes: My Top 10 of 2011

Yeah, it’s a weird list, but here’s my own personal top ten of 2011 that absolutely no one asked for!
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Game Notes: Killzone 2’s Suljeva Village

There’s something about Killzone 2 that hasn’t quite been replicated in other games, not even Killzone 3. There are sheer moments of awe, one of which takes place in Suljeva Village.
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Game Notes: Resistance 3

Resistance 3 feels like Insomniac had something to prove. Maybe because Resistance 2 was such an awful sequel to the very good Resistance: Fall of Man that they had to redeem themselves. And redeem they did, mostly. Maybe they can put this franchise behind them now.
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Game Notes: Renegade Ops

I’ve always felt like games are just too damn serious these days. Who is really going to get that emotionally invested to a character fighting a major corporation on Mars by using a sledgehammer, for crying out loud? *glares at Red Faction devs*
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