Cook, Serve, Delicious Beta Successful!

Wow, the Cook, Serve, Delicious beta was hugely successful, and has brought about a lot of changes and improvements that will only make the final release that much better!

More than a hundred new changes have resulted from the beta program, from something as simple as changing a key to completely rehauling a food that wasn’t very much fun to make, the CSD beta was a great way to enhance the game and cements my belief in a public beta program before any of my games are released. It’s just vital in seeing where the game is going.

You can view all of the improvements in the main beta forums (you’ll need to register), but among the most interesting:

-Someone asked to implement a hand washing gesture after every chore such as flushing a toilet. I laughed at that, until someone else told me the exact same thing, which told me I kinda had to do it at that point (see screen above).
-Out of all the foods in the game, the fact that salads were the most soul crushing to make quite frankly surprised me. Didn’t see that coming! It’s now considerably easier to make.
-Apparently people have problems with female characters having male voices. Huh.
-Some have been waiting for this sequel for eight years now. Eight years! And for it to meet their expectations is just a huge sigh of relief for me. I can’t wait till they play the full game.
-I cannot spell or use proper grammar to save my life. I swear once I start my own little company I’m going to hire someone to type real good like.
-Game runs faster than the Oil Blue, which is great to hear. That was a major goal that I had with the game, choosing to bypass visual flare (such as particle effects and alpha values) and going for a streamlined look. That said, there’s still lots of small touches I’d like to make without sacrificing performance.

I just want to thank all the beta testers for their time and support, and make sure to keep an eye out on the forums for the private beta, which will come later this month. While the public beta has officially ended and I am not accepting any more private beta testers, the public beta is still available through this next week, and you can give it a spin and leave some feedback in the forums if you wish!

Because this is the month I want to release the game, I’m going on a blog blackout until the game is done, sans any game-related announcements I need to make (such as where the game will be sold). Thanks everyone for all the help, and here’s to a successful release!



  1. Giaddon says:

    I really enjoyed the six days offered in the beta, and I am really looking forward to the final game. Good luck!

  2. Ryan Matejka says:

    I have taken several classes related to editing and writing in college, and while I don’t have an infinite amount of time to do it I would gladly look over any of the larger portions of text you’re worried about with spelling or grammar if you’d like. (for no charge, of course)

  3. chubigans says:

    Wow, thanks! I will definitely contact you if it looks like the next beta has a lot more spelling/grammar errors. :mrgreen: