Game Notes: Renegade Ops

I’ve always felt like games are just too damn serious these days. Who is really going to get that emotionally invested to a character fighting a major corporation on Mars by using a sledgehammer, for crying out loud? *glares at Red Faction devs*

And here comes a new downloadable title called Renegade Ops, which doesn’t take itself seriously whatsoever and lets you blow stuff up good in a classic overhead perspective and a map similar to the fortnite map. There is some story, sure, punctuated by extremely cheesy (in a very good way) dialogue. It all adds up to one heck of a good time, saddled with a hilarious ending that make no sense and yet is extremely satisfying. I liked the moment where, during a lull in the explosion-fest, one of the team members suggests you take out some sergeants out quietly. “That isn’t even in the manual! You know what to do!” the macho in command shouts back. And yup, turns out I just gotta blow everything up again.

I was a huge fan of the dev’s previous work in Just Cause, and to be sure Renegade Ops allows you to blow up much more stuff than that game (though Just Cause was a 3d, open world game, and had it’s own style). But the overhead perspective allows for a much more chaotic experience than 3D can afford- it’d be frustrating to be attacked from all sides in a standard behind the shoulder view, but do it in an overhead setting and you can wipe them all out easily with a twist of the right analog stick.

It’s kind of a huge shame that it’s taken so long to get a great downloadable game that lets your brain rest and the ammo fly. Why do so many devs take their games so seriously? Why did Red Faction have it’s own uninspired downloadable game (an arena based shooter) instead of making something more in it’s own vein like this game? Why is the IGN reviewer so, so badly mistaken in his assessment on the dialogue? It’s supposed to be cheesy, you dolt!

Well, I love this game. I can’t wait to go back with the different characters on a harder difficulty, and play co-op. Very much recommended for all fans of old-school explodin’ crapola.

(Renegade Ops is available on XBL and PSN, and will be on Steam October 14th).

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