Kablooey! Teaser Trailer!

It’s time for the big push for Kablooey to be finished, so I thought I’d have a little teaser trailer before the main trailer. Enjoy!

The game will be released in October; 2BeeGames has extended their deadline from Sept. 15th to October 15th, and I want to take advantage of the extra time with a longer beta period. The public beta will go live late next week, so be sure to register on the forums if you want to take part in it. Woo!



  1. blueflare says:

    Man, that trailer is fantastic. I really liked the music. Set a mood, y’know?

  2. Ravenheart says:

    That didn’t really tease me.

  3. Pete says:

    Awesome trailer!
    “You have 5 minutes to fix that”. Hehe.

  4. amidos2006 says:

    wow ­čÖé waiting to try it on more fire ­čśÇ

  5. Zargy says:


    Can’t wait for it!

  6. zac says:

    good teaser when does the game come out?

  7. marioandluigi206 says:

    Exactly what owen said.