Neptune Gasoline Gameplay Footage

Hooray, the first early footage of Neptune Gasoline is now available in 720p!

Check it out at YouTube here. If you want to zoom past my amazingly voiced narration the gameplay starts at 1:20. You can also just check out the gameplay footage on its own in a separate video here.

Neptune Gasoline is comin’ soon, and hopefully I can give you a release date in the next few weeks. Woo!



  1. Haris Mujkic says:

    Very nice David. I am waiting for a release date.

  2. cybermouse8 says:

    Excellent…looks like my first guess (sim/RPG/space RTS) was way off. I’m thinking Oil Blue meets Ore No Ryomi. Do you have some kind of obsession with petroleum? ­čść

  3. Ajax says:

    That looked amazing, it really did. The design is great and I like the Ore No Ryomi influences. Music also fits well.