NG: Code/Chaos/Code

This weekend- and every weekend until the game’s release, in fact- I did nothing but code, code code.

I had a notebook with very specific deadlines I was setting myself up with, but as I get deeper into the game I start to spiral out into my own plans. That is, until a game breaking bug crept in to mess with my mind for several hours. Thankfully, I figured out one with just two more to go. I actually had to record myself playing and then study the footage to see if I could pinpoint exactly when the bug was occurring…that’s how chaotic this game can get.

I also had my moment of panic as I always do with every single project: what if the game doesn’t work? What if it’s not fun? What will I do with all of these assets if I can’t make a decent game? Then, I get a somewhat playable build of the game ready to go and I think to myself, yeah, I have a game here. Whew.

My next major milestone is to get some gameplay footage to you all, which is gonna happen this Friday, August 5th, in a nice 720p HD format to boot. I’m not certain whether or not to show a slower portion of the game so you can understand how it works, or just show off the chaos of the final moments in the game. Gotta decide soon I guess! Until then, here’s the first screenshot of the alpha build:

Cya back here Friday!



  1. Jack says:

    Can’t wait! It’s gonna be a masterpiece just like your others (:

  2. kurguru says:

    The Oil Blue is one of my favourites. Keep making the great games!
    I’d really love to see someone like me get successful in gamedev.
    Good luck!