New Server Move Complete

Hey folks, the server move is finally done. It took a bit more up of my weekend than I would have liked, but on the plus side this new host should be awesome. There will be some small changes coming to the site in the coming weeks, one of which is already implemented: separate Tech Support and Contact email forms. There might be a few broken links here and there, but I’m working to get it all back up this week. Thanks!



  1. Joe says:

    Oh, I’m worried now – I think I’m with your old host. You were on JustHost before, right? What prompted the change?

  2. chubigans says:

    Indeed I was. Mainly it was because they changed their TOS to not allow my demos to be downloaded on their server anymore. So I had to host all exe/zip files on another webhost. Now I’ve just simply moved the whole website over there.

    It’s mainly for convenience sake.