Spirits of Metropolis ver 1.06 released!

I’m happy to give you the first details on the newest patch to Spirits of Metropolis. 

This is the new tech patch that fixes a few flaws in the game and improves the engine a bit. It also adds a few new cosmetic things to the game. Behold the official list:

Patch 1.06 (1/8/09)


-Added a new music track (Calypso), available in both Puzzle and
Journey mode!


-Changed some of the layout loading at the start of the game to improve
loadtimes during startup.
-Changed the loading image splash screen.
-Decreased memory footprint by about 2 megs or so.
-Changed the Official Content button in the Puzzle Challenges menu to
“Official Forums” and Official Site to “Vertigo Games”
-Changed the graphical layout of the music equalizer player on the
bottom of the screen. It now is more transparent and has shadows
for all the music names, so it’s easier to now see what songs are
currently selected/being played.
-Added a logo in the top left corner of the Puzzle Challenge menu
for level selection and favorites.
-Added a bug fix text to the main folder of the game that contains this list
of fixes.


-Fix an error after deleting a white gem in the puzzle editor.
-Changed the wording on a few medal unlock texts.
-Fix a memory leak after pausing the game in any mode.
-Fixed a bug that would randomly select the main theme music when
entering the Puzzle Challenges room. This music was changed to the
Vertigo Games theme instead.
-Added a few more credits.
-Touched up some small graphical nitpicks
-Removed auto-updater


Now for some bad news. Last night, I had the patch go live for the auto updater. While it worked great for XP users, it doesn’t work at all for Vista users. This was an oversight on my part as I do not have a Vista OS to test on, and the auto updater was literally a last minute addition to Spirits of Metropolis. So, I’ve emailed everyone who’s bought the game so far with the patch to manually install. Check the email address that you bought the game with for more details. All copies purchased have the patch already installed.

So, my apologies for that. Instead of the bi-monthly patches I had in mind, we’ll just do a big patch at the end of the year. I’ll have more details on that as I plan it out.

Thanks to those who bought the game so far, and enjoy the new update!



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    Yay, new update!

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