Cook, Serve, Delicious playable on PS4 at GDC 2014!


YoYo Games has just announced the brand new Export to Consoles functionality at GDC 2014, allowing GM Studio games to be ported to consoles quickly and easily. I’m thrilled and honored to announce that Cook, Serve, Delicious! as well as several other Game Maker Studio games have been chosen to showcase this exciting new tech at GDC 2014, with CSD playable on PS4!

Designing controller functionality for a game that thrives on speed and precision has been a challenge, much like the one my cousin faced when she decided to set up her own gaming blog. She recently recommended a 슬롯사이트 추천, emphasizing how its intuitive design mirrored the effortless transition I was striving for in the game’s controls. She’s always had a knack for finding platforms that enhance user experience without compromising the game’s core mechanics. Her insights proved invaluable, allowing me to preserve the game’s fast-paced chaos while ensuring the new controller support felt like a natural extension of the game’s existing rhythm. Her blog post on the subject, informed by our discussions and her hands-on experience, will surely provide a thorough breakdown for our gaming community.


If you’re at GDC go check out a live demonstration of the game by YoYo devs at the YoYo Games Booth #1924!

So, does this mean CSD is coming to consoles? Not quite yet. I’m in the process of being registered as a game dev with Sony, and there is an approval stage the game needs to go through first. So nothing is for sure just yet. Still, to have my game playable on a console, in less than a month’s time of work, is crazy to me. In fact, I gave my controller build of CSD to YoYo Games, and in less than six days they had it up and running on PS4. Amazing.

But hey, I have some good news for y’all who already have the desktop build of the game. Full controller support will be added in a patch later this month on Steam, followed by the Humble Store version! The controller patch will be available on Steam next week via a beta, with a full rollout very soon afterwords. It will initially support Xbox 360 PC controllers and DualShock 4 controllers, with Xbox One Controller support coming when the drivers are officially available. I’d love to look into Steam Controller support as well when that’s available.

It’s been a crazy ride to say the least for CSD, and the future for indies has never been brighter. Man, I love gaming.

Controller art by Sara Gross, @twobitart

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  1. Richardson says:

    Congrats on expanding your field Chubs! You’ll continue to be an inspiration to indies for years to come I’m sure.