Cook, Serve, Delicious! hits more Steam milestones; VG Plans for 2014


It’s been a fantastic ride on Steam so far, with daily sales averaging more than I was making in a month on selling games or even playing the best games to win real money just a year ago. And thanks to Steam’s new additions for devs (such as highlighting updates, or the new tag system), sales are improving and really inspire me to support the game with various free updates this year.

You can expect the first big update to hit in March, as this patch will introduce a new way to control the game. I hope that with this patch it’ll broaden the audience the game can sell to even further, and the next few updates will focus on expanding the game after “winning” and introduce a few fun gameplay additions. It won’t be huge gameplay additions, but it will help the grind in achieving 15,000 customers within the game.

My primary focus in the next few months is to transition from CSD onto my new game. While art/music has been in the works for the new game since last year, I haven’t been able to really commit to the new game 100% due to finishing up CSD updates and support for other platforms. The game will not be making a March trailer debut as planned, but my goal is to reveal the game one month before it’s release. The good news is that I can confirm it will be available day one on Steam! No need for Greenlight, and the new unannounced game will be able to take full advantage of all the Steam features right away. Woo!

I’ll be back in March with some more news regarding CSD, so until then thanks so much for all the support!

PS- if you haven’t noticed, all Humble Store purchases of CSD now include the Android version! Log into your Humble account to download, and if you purchased the game on Steam then you can contact me using the link on the left to request a free Humble Store copy. Enjoy!



  1. Andreas says:

    Very cool to see how you went from game maker to full on game developer status.
    Been following your games since Ore no Ryomi 2 first came out, great work!

  2. Miranda says:

    Congrats about getting onto Steam! I first made my Steam account in order to vote to get this game on there. Still loving the game play, the music, and the humor. ­čÖé