Cook, Serve, Delicious! v1.051 Full/Demo patch released (1024×600+ support)

A patch is now available for Cook, Serve, Delicious! The only change for both the demo and the full version 1.051 is that it now correctly supports resolutions below 1280×720, to a minimum of 1024×600. Your resolution must be at least 1024×600 to play CSD.

Note that if you’re computer resolution is 1280×720 and above, then there is no need to download this new version. This is simply a fix for users with low resolutions, which led to bugs involving mouse tracking on the screen. Version 1.051 is available now in our store and as a demo, with patches for GamersGate and Desura deploying over the weekend. If you bought the game from us and would like to download the patch, simply redownload from BMT Micro and reinstall the game. Your saves will remain unaffected.

Big thanks to Droqen and Andy Kurland for all their help in getting this patch out!

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