Cook, Serve, Delicious! Status Update

CSD has been undergoing private beta testing, and so far the results have been excellent. Squashed a lot of bugs, polished the game up quite a bit, and aside from a few bonus galleries the game is essentially complete. I’m definitely going to release it by the end of the month, however there are two things I’m waiting for before going forward with a release date:

-There is one bug that need to be killed before I can release the game, but its pretty involved so I’m in the process right now of figuring it out and taking care of it for good.

-The second thing is kind of an odd one, but very important: I’m waiting for the next Humble Bundle to be released. I’ve seen this bundle steamroll everything in it’s path, including new indie game releases and bundles, and it’s about time for another major bundle from them. I don’t want to be caught in it’s release, so as soon as they launch I’ll know when I can release CSD. They should be releasing in the next two weeks.

Keep it here for more updates, and I can’t wait to finally release the game! Woo!

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