Introducing Neptune Gasoline

If you’ve had a space trip outside the Milky Way, then chances are you’re extremely familiar with Neptune, the “last stop” planet before heading out into the thousand light year void.

Neptune is home to the great Neptune Gasoline convenience store franchise, home of “the cleanest restrooms in the galaxy,” and open 10.5 days a week, 8,959 weeks a year.

Sadly the new Breyer-Wormhole Expressway has severely cut down business on Neptune, so much so that they’ve hired you as an outside consultant as a last ditch effort to save the company. Take charge of all the store locations on Neptune in an action packed, management style sim game and build more gas pumps, improve customer service and relations, increase incoming profits, shuffle around customers in line for speedier fill-ups, and bring Neptune Gasoline back to its former glory.

I can’t wait to share more of the game with you all in the coming weeks. The plan is to release Neptune Gasoline this year on PC. Woo!

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  1. Erik J says:

    Cool! Your ideas are always so…interesting! Writing about it right now… 😀

  2. Usama says:

    AWESOME!!! can’t wait.

  3. Gingi says:

    When someone said they thought it was a sim game, honestly I kinda doubted it, but hey! Vertigo delivers! Someone also said an OB Sequel, which also looks to be somewhat accurate. Anyway what I truly like about this game more than OB is that you are also working in a convenience story simultaneously. You should make it so that once your business is rich and powerful you can start exporting gas to Earth, as I would imagine Neptune has a somewhat limited market (Less people?.that’s how I see it), and people there can just get gas in their backyard. 😛

  4. makerManCan102 says:

    I hope you read this.

    I’m a huge fan of your work, and I see this and I think you’re off to a tremendous start. It looks fantastic, and I know your programming skills to be nothing less than superb.

    An issue I always kinda felt with The Oil Blue was the idea that the game was smaller than it made itself to be…what I mean is that you go from island to island across this supposedly vast landscape, but because the game is so isolated in the drilling machines it really doesn’t feel like you are part of something so much bigger. From the description you provided here, you’re going to be controlling an entire planet, and I’m just hoping you make the game at least feel as big as the objective you’re trying to complete, and if you’re talking about controlling a whole series of buildings, perhaps a top view picture of all of them at the same time could be in order? One thing I always desired in The Oil Blue is to know how all the islands were assembled together in the ocean. It’s just an idea!

    Anyway I have high hopes for this game and i simply can’t wait to play!

  5. Okay it already sounds awesome!

    Looking forward to it.

    Although I am a sucker for anything that takes place in space. 😉

  6. Ajax says:

    Neptune is a gasplanet, it doesn’t have a solid surface like the first image shows 😛 Or does the game take place on the moon(s) of the planet? 🙂

  7. Sara says:

    I’d just assumed the fuel came from Neptune. The blue planet just looked better than the original desert brown color we’d considered because of the complementary color scheme and that it brought out the nebula colors (you wouldn’t see nebulae from Neptune either, I suppose).

    But now that you mention it, I expect your observation will be made many times over in the months to come and especially upon release despite the nebulae. Perhaps we should put some disclaimer stating it’s a moon…or another planet in a different solar system 😕

    Much like Oil Blue, we’re not going for realism. It’s the future as if we’d managed space colonization in the 1950s…like Forbidden Planet. 😉

  8. chubigans says:

    Actually the NG company decided to crash all the moons together into Neptune to form a solid surface to build on, while maintaining that gorgeous Neptune blue and tourism they get from being the last planet out of the galaxy.

    I love writing these things, hah!

    I’ll share more about the game mechanics in the coming weeks. It won’t be as large in scope as the Oil Blue (that is, the mechanics of the game are a bit more arcade like in nature), but it’ll be much more hectic and faster paced, if you can believe it. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for the comments!!

  9. Pedro says:

    Ore no Ryomi 3 😀