New Game Announcement coming June 29th

Oh man, an announcement of an announcement. What has my life become.

But hey, without this post I wouldn’t be able to share this nifty teaser image with you!

I was going to announce it last week, but didn’t feel it was fair to overshadow all those games over at the E3 expo. You’re welcome, Activision.

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  1. #2 Game Maker says:

    Gahaha. I love the sign. Looking at the teaser and the little man standing on the platform, it looks like a platformer? Should be interesting.

  2. chubigans says:

    Nah, not a platformer. Would love to do a platformer someday though.

  3. Sara says:

    This will be far shinier, sparklier, and chrome-ier than any that have come before it!

  4. Needs more black monoliths. 😉

    Seriously though, this looks fantastic. I love space.

  5. Amidos2006 says:

    I think its a simulation game 😀
    Although I wish i see another type of games like vivid conceptions 🙂

  6. cybermouse8 says:

    Blast! More suspense…

    Space sim, asteroids/neon wars, and tower defense all in one. That’s my guess. Only Mr. Chubigans could pull it off too.

  7. Tacodog says:

    Finnaly! Ore No ryomi 3

  8. Pete says:

    The Oil Blue sequel? ;D

  9. This make me want to know more about the game. Anyway, I love the sign!

  10. gamekido says:

    if the poster was little bigger i would make it my wallpaper , imagine we hit a time we fill up gas on moon and neptune 😆