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A new game from Vertigo Games, about an oil business in the middle of the ocean.

NEW GAME RELEASED: The Oil Blue is now available!

Yes, after a ton of months worth of work, the Oil Blue is now ready to download.


NEW GAME ANNOUNCEMENT: greenTech Plus, the commercial sequel to the original!

I’m proud to announce greenTech+ is now available to purchase for just $3.95!

14 Comments Preview/ 2 Gameplay Videos of the Oil Blue

And now, I will attempt to fill up this space with words even though I pretty much said everything that needs to be said in …

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The Oil Blue: Coming June 22nd

Hooray, a release date! The Oil Blue is coming out on June 22nd to Gamersgate and other distribution sites to be announced.


The Oil Blue BLOWOUT! Tons o’ screens, gameplay video, price and more!

Hey, who wants some Oil Blue media? Well I got it right here, including the price of the game. Woo!


The Oil Blue: Gameplay Journal #3

In the last gameplay journal we took a look at the Drill Rig and Pumpjack. Now that you know your equipment, it’s time to learn …

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