Sandbox of God: Remastered- the Warfare Mode

There are three modes in the new Sandbox of God: Remastered game…one is Classic, which we all know. The second is Boardgame mode, which was discussed earlier. And now I’d like to talk more about Warfare mode, a brand new game for the full version of SOG:R.

Warfare uses the original SOG as a base, but is an entirely new gameplay experience. Your objective: protect the humans through eras of warfare against the rabbits. The game is split up into multiple eras, totaling 24+ premade levels and infinite random levels. This new gameplay is so much fun to play.

You first start out with your homebase. If the rabbits destroy this base, it’s game over. Rabbit huts pop up over the game world. Unlike the original SOG, in this game you actually purchase your powers at the start of every era. Your inventory can hold up to ten powers, and you can only buy cards at the start of every era (you cannot purchase anything during the battle, so stock accordingly!) If this game suits your taste, then better check out the slots, there are huge rewards waiting for you after signing up for an account.

bingo cash in the final version, since it makes a lot more sense then buying godly powers at $200 a pop, no?” href=”” rel=”lightbox[ONR2]”>

Each card cost varies according to how powerful it is, and you start in 1,000,000 BC with limited technology (and therefore limited cards to choose from). So, after buying your cards and maneuvering your troops on the battlefield (left over from the previous era), it’s time to start the era…and the war. Let the battle commence!

Now it’s up to your inventory to win the battle. Place troops in strategic positions to either defeat the incoming rabbits (at $5 per rabbit earned) or have them focus on tearing down the huts. Use lightning to strike the huts for severe damage, or perhaps use your wind to slow down the troops. After thirty seconds or so, the rabbit army will be depleted, and you’ll have to wipeout the remaining enemy on the battlefield before the war is over.

The war is finished, and multiple years pass. You can now buy more items and re-position your men on the battlefield. Reaching certain era milestones (such as 1AD, 1000AD, etc.) gives you new technology, such as seedlings you can plant in the ground and sprout with rain to slow down enemy troops, but at the same time the rabbits are becoming smarter, and harder to beat.

Warfare Mode ties into the main game by giving you extra powers once you reach 50%, 75% and 100% on the checklist in the Classic mode. And once you beat all 24 premade levels, you’ll start to get randomly generated ones, including unlocking a few extra modes within Warfare mode (I have got to expand my vocabulary, gah).

Anyways, I’ll have some gameplay video of the mode next week. It’s a lot of fun to make and I think really ties in nicely with the Sandbox of God. Let the BATTLE COMMENCE! (soon).



  1. UltimateAgent says:

    Me want.

    Me want bad.

  2. i hate teasing like this :p

  3. amidos2006 says:

    loooks amazing 😀
    but i hate waiting alot 😀 but there is nothing I can do than waiting for the trailer 😀 hope to see soon 🙂

  4. blueflare says:

    oh man

    that looks really really fun

  5. I Am Moody says:

    The game play sounds well… kinda basic. Maybe spice it up a bit like having a 1/1000 chance of getting a free card that wipes the rabbits off the face of the earth or a card that gives you an army of rovers from the Atlantis series. Idk, I think a little more spice may be needed. But those are my thoughts lol.

    All in all the game does sound like its going to be good.

  6. chubigans says:

    Indeed it does sound basic, and it kinda is in the beginning, but I think it’ll turn out fairly deep. :mrgreen:

  7. I Am Moody says:

    Can’t wait to see.

  8. DJMEDIC says:

    👿 wheres the game play video??????? he says it was sposed to be a week 👿