Wallpaper Set #2- Spirits of Metropolis

Yet another round of wallpapers, this time with Spirits of Metropolis!

There’s various resolutions available on the Spirits of Metropolis wallpapers page. Woo!

The next batch of wallpapers will be…Ore no Ryomi related methinks. 🙂



  1. amidos2006 says:

    Nice super beautiful wont be there a wallpaper for spirits contain the moon in the main menu and ther buildings like in the main menu as it looks so fascinating 🙂

  2. Pete says:

    I request higher resolution fullscreen versions.. Myself I use 1152×864 and I know 1280×960 is one of the more commonly used resolutions.

  3. blueflare says:

    Ooh. That’s perty.

  4. Zack064 says:

    Awesome job, it’s great! 🙂 How can you make so many sizes without even the largest ones looking stretched?

  5. Spaceoff says:

    Awesome… after 3 years of having a black screen as a desktop… I choose THIS.

  6. chubigans says:

    @ amidos2006:
    Sadly that moon-lit city was made in the resolution of 800×600, meaning that any resolution over that would look a bit blurry. The cityscape wallpaper presented here was made in vector high-definition, allowing me to make HD widescreen wallpapers and such.

    @ Pete:
    Sounds good, I’ll add extra fullscreen resolutions for both greenTech and Spirits this week.

    @ Zack064:
    Its due to the fact that I get background art assets from games made in HD, even though they’re going into a game that doesn’t exceed 800×600 resolution. This allows me to play with them a lot more in Game Maker, make some wallpapers, and have them be somewhat future-proof for any porting that could be done way down the road.

  7. chubigans says:

    Ok, 1280×960 and 1152×864 resolution wallpapers have been uploaded to both Spirits and greenTech wallpaper pages. Woo!

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