Randomness #8974: Oil Blue, Competitions & More

Thought it’d be time for an update on all things Vertigo Gaming, so let’s bust open this shindig.

-The Oil Blue is now available on mygameIQ, a new service that distributes games through an app you can download. Look for more portals soon, I hope.

-The Sandbox of God Remastered and (hopefully) greenTech+ will make their way over to GamersGate this month, as I had to delay it from last month in order to create some new media for each game. I’m really happy with the way that SOG:R has been performing, so much so that I have more plans to do games of that type. Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal that soon.

-Speaking of SOG, I just now discovered this funny SOG video (warning: language).

-I’ve had to do a two week hiatus from game making as I’ve injured my hand from using my brand new stylus so much, which can really suck as you might imagine. But my hand seems to be all better, so I’ll be back at makin’ games tomorrow. Woo!

-A big thanks to scozdawg for giving me the heads up on the Oil Blue feature done in PC PowerPlay, an aussie game mag that gave the Oil Blue some great praise! If anyone in aussieland could snag me a copy of the issue (#182) and mail it to the US, I’d gladly reimburse them via Paypal and send along a five game combo pack as well. 😀

-indiePub Games will announce the competition winners this Wednesday, September 15th. If you haven’t voted for Liquisity 2/the Oil Blue yet, well it’s too late and I probably lost because of you. Why didn’t you vote. WHY! (please disregard this message if we do in fact win something or you have in fact voted).

-Finally, you can check out some greenTech+ gameplay footage here, read some posts on my new Gamasutra blog here, and once again check out our new game bundles here.

Until then, wish us luck in the indiePub contest! Woo!

Image via InterfaceLIFT.

4 Commentsto Randomness #8974: Oil Blue, Competitions & More

  1. Check your PM inbox re: me being Australian.

  2. chubigans says:

    Hah, I know you’re Australian but I didn’t want to motivate you by giving you my games for the twentieth time. 😀

    Then again, who couldn’t use another copy of ShellBlast?

  3. Gingi says:

    Sorry to be the carrier of bad news, but the prizes were just published. You’ve probably already seen them, but neither Liquisity 2 nor the Oil Blue are on there. 🙁

    Also, do you have a list of all (or some) of the websites that you’ve published games to?

  4. chubigans says:

    Thanks Gingi…I did indeed see that, and I’m makin’ a blog post now. 😀