About Us

We’re a small team of indie devs makin’ games forever!

David Galindo
Lead Programmer, Game Designer and Owner of Vertigo Gaming Inc., worked on multiple projects including Cook, Serve, Delicious! and the Oil Blue, along with publishing games across mobile, console and PC.

Erik Johnson
Production Manager, worked on titles such as RimWorld, SimplePlanes, 39 Days to Mars, ToME and more.

With assistance from various freelance artists including:

Camille Kuo
Lead artist, worked on a variety of games including upcoming future titles by Vertigo Gaming Inc.

Jonathan Geer
Award winning composer for such titles as Owlboy, Neon Chrome, CSD 1 and 2 and unannounced VGI titles.

Nicholas Kraak
Head writer for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, along with the television series Hitstroke FM, and a bunch of short films.

Ryan Matejka
Head writer for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, fiction writer, blogger, copywriter, and all-around creative guy!

Lizzy Dawson
Artist, created the Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! box art and UI design as well as a variety of logos used in-game.

Sara Gross
Lead artist for Cook, Serve, Delicious! and the Oil Blue as well as an artist for a number of games including Full Metal Furies.

Jeff Ball
Sound designer for many aspects of the game including UI and main elements of the combo system. Has worked on many game franchises including Mass Effect 3, Gears of War, Dead Space, Star Wars and more.