The Rest of Em’

These games use an older game engine that unfortunately does not run on Windows machines with Vista, 7 or 8 installed.

Ah, the good ol’ game making days of 2003 and previous. Most of them are extremely crude by today’s standards. But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, eh?

Prisms of Light 1 & 2

Prisms of Light 2 simply has you focusing a beam of light onto a crystal using various prisms. It also keeps things fresh by introducing new obsticles every five or ten puzzles, but allows the player to be confident enough with the new objects before going on to more advanced puzzles. Back in 2004 it won several awards, and was our first major puzzle game we’ve released.

**Note: There are multiple versions of this game floating around the web…this is due to us selling the game to another company early in our lifespan. They put adware in the installer and even attempted to sell the game, but these files on this site are completely ad-free.

Download Prisms 2 Download Prisms 1

The Atlantis Series

There’s something I’ve realized over the last few years: serious games are never taken seriously, mainly because of the lack of effects/production that I have. Looking back at some of these games today, it’s cringing to see such serious cinema cutscenes with story driven plotlines when it’s such a simple little freeware shooter. Live and learn I suppose. Onwards to the original description!


Project: Atlantis and The Fall of Atlantis tells the story of the underwater city, thru the eyes of a commoner. Pilot an Atlantian tank and fight thru levels of different variety thru these two games, including

-An underwater oxygen plant
-The earth’s tetonic lava plates
-The belly and insides of a giant underwater sea creature
-Inside the mechanics of an enemy tank factory
-Seaweed plantations
-Enemy base raids
-And, of course, tour Atlantis itself

These two games tell its story by in-game cut scenes and data, and consists of around 10+ levels each. The download is both games together in an auto-unzip exe.

A third chapter of the game was planned but never released. No plans are made to continue this game series.

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Explodin' Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony 2

Yeah! This is one explosive game. Grab your helicopter and protect the President, blow up buildings, save a city from nuclear destruction by blowing it up first, and a lot more!

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The Wal-Mart SUV Parking Lot Challenge

This 20-level game puts you in the drivers seat of an SUV, with a time limit to find the handicap space. Can you do it without running over people? How about not hitting other cars? It’s harder than it sounds…

It even has a multiplayer mode, with split screen action (the only multiplayer game I’ve ever made actually). Give it a try for some old school fun.

A quick aside…this game was the one that got really popular back in the day and helped me to get better known in the GM community…shortly thereafter the GM Community was founded by a group of us but was ultimately taken down. SUV 2 bombed as well, and lessons were learned the tough way…

NOTE: There is a font in the directory of which you install the game. Put the JAEC font in your FONTS folder.

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You are a fish with a gun and oh jeez just don’t play this game. The very first game I ever made, by the way.

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Game Posted On:
January 01, 2003

System Requirements:
  • Windows 98/2k/XP Only
  • All games are DRM free!

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