Ore no Ryomi 1 & 2

A new version of this game is available! It is called Cook, Serve, Delicious!, and is the commercial followup to this game. You can find more info on the main game page.
These games use an older game engine that unfortunately does not run on Windows machines with Vista, 7 or 8 installed.

Way back in the ol’ Playstation days, I would gobble up demo discs from my Official Playstation Magazine as they’d be fantastic time wasters during the long summer months. A few of them had special “import” sections that gave a sneak peek into Japan games that would never make their way to the states, and one of them was the Ore no Ryouri demo, which turned your analog sticks into chef hands of fury.

I was addicted to the crazy pace of the game, even though it was entirely in Japanese and I couldn’t make out any of the menus. But it was a game I had never played before, and after searching the internet found that there wasn’t really anything like it either. So, I made a fan game using the original sprites of ONR, where you must buy foods for your restaurant and serve them to customers perfectly before they left angrily. Later on I made a brand new game, ONR2, with new challenges and features, such as Iron Cook and more foods and items to buy.

A commercial sequel was finally made in 2012, called Cook, Serve, Delicious!, which is a brand new game entirely. May the long reign of cooking games never end!

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Game Posted On:
September 01, 2004

System Requirements:
  • Windows 98/2k/XP Only
  • All games are DRM free!

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