This game uses an older game engine that unfortunately does not run on Windows machines with Vista, 7 or 8 installed.

Influenced by great games such as Jumper and Thrust, Liquisity is an underwater platformer of a different kind. Shoot the ball into the box to complete the level, while having full control of the ball itself. Use tools such as jets, bouncers, and switches to guide yourself into the goal. There are multiple solutions for each level, so keep trying if you can’t seem to get it the first time!

Liquisity includes a level editor to make your own levels, and has a great soundtrack that I took from various movie soundtracks back when I didn’t know any better. Ah, the days before copyright infringement really came into focus…

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Game Posted On:
September 22, 2005

System Requirements:
  • Windows 98/2k/XP Only
  • All games are DRM free!

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