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An amazing six games bundled together! You get Cook, Serve, Delicious! Extra Crispy Edition, The Oil Blue, greenTech+, Spirits of Metropolis, ShellBlast, and the Sandbox of God with this purchase. Buy the bundle today! (Download size is 247mb). Note that buying this bundle also gives you a Mac/Linux version of Cook, Serve, Delicious! upon request. Just contact us with your purchase info and we’ll send whichever version you’d like!

Note: You can also request a Steam key free of charge for Cook, Serve, Delicious! and the Oil Blue. Just contact us with your email and order information.

(Windows) Buy the Bundle ($33.70) ($12.95)
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! Extra Crispy Edition

Chop, slice and cook your way to perfection in this crazy restaurant management series from the creators of the Oil Blue! This is the commercial sequel to our popular ONR freeware series, and it’s jam packed with content. Now available for Linux, Mac and PC! (This Extra Crispy Edition has ten additional foods to place on your menu!) Buying via the Humble Store gives you access to the PC, Mac and Linux versions, as well as the Android version!

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The Oil Blue

Drill your way to the top as you land on various islands, reclaiming old oil equipment and getting your crew to drill to the depths below. Featured in Mike Rose’s “250 Indie Games You Must Play,” this game is sure to be an original, surreal experience.

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The Sandbox of God

A revamped edition to one of our most popular games, the Sandbox of God: Remastered features all new modes and updated game engine enhancements. Mold and shape your world across centuries of time and see how man (and rabbit) react.

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The commercial update to the YoYo Games contest winner “greenTech,” greenTech+ features a host of new unlockables, more levels, and a 3D red/blue glasses mode that’ll pop the graphics right out of your monitor.

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Spirits of Metropolis

Enjoy over 120 levels, a puzzle editor and more in this jam packed release that has you chaining gems in the night sky. Features a variety of modes and a lengthy demo to help introduce you into these unique gem mechanics that are unlike any other game out there.

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Defuse bombs all over the world in ShellBlast, the follow up to Acidbomb. Tons of new modes, new levels, a bomb editor and a whole lot more populate this sweat-inducing, picross-inspired puzzler.

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Also available on: GamersGate

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