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The Sandbox of god
Mini Strategy guide!
Well, here it is: the strategy guide. This isn't meant to tell you exactly how to do something...that would be way too easy. It's meant to point you in the right direction, to guide you in getting 100%. Lets begin!

The Easy List
This list is relatively easy to get. Here are some tips on getting some of the harder objects:

Make sure that man has developed a city inside the mountain. Continue to build their IQ, and you'll get this easily.

-Ancient Defenses-
Along with the castle, if man is smart enough, they will build a catapult. Remember: help man when they need guidence, but don't when they need physical help.

The Medium List
Now we're getting a bit tougher. Lets take a look at some of the harder things to get:

-No Mountain/Crator-
You must not have a mountain (even a city built from a mountain) or a crator (even things created from the crator) by the end of the game to get this. Just think...if a mushy ground and normal ground get different results, what would a hard ground get?

-Oil Derricks, Medical Farm and Plagues Defended-
IQ is the key to getting these. Make sure man always creates things even on their own, and give them guidence when they need it.

-No Water Resource-
Basically, no river or lakes allowed at the end of the game. You'll have to get this done in the BC era.

-Volcano Eruption-
For a volcano eruption to need a volcano! Throw a comet in the earth, add a little heat and sparks...yeah, thats the ticket.

-Silver and Gold Collected-
Man loves gold. Rabbits love silver. Of course, if they don't even have proper shelter, getting gold is the least of their worries.

The Hard List
Well, good luck with this one. Lets see what we got to do:

-Advanced City-
In order to get this, you need to have progressed thru the rock city, castle, and village. Make sure man's IQ is larger than 190. Its possible to get the city as early as 2000 AD.

-Nuclear Strike-
Get sky-high IQ, and make sure your rabbits are smart enough to build their own village.

-Tree Cities (2)-
In order to achieve this, both man and rabbits must have cities of their own, created from the forests.

-Peace Treaty-
It all has to do with the plagues. Its good to conquer the flies, but maybe you should humble man with the next two.

-Bunnies Killed (BC), Rabbits Killed (AD)-
If man doesn't have a water source early in the game, they'll go crazy and eat whatever they get their hands on. Killing the rabbits later in the game requires some heavy firepower...

Well, there ya go. If you still need help, be sure to visit our forums and ask away!