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Ore No Ryomi 2: The Restaurant
The sequel to the #1 cooking simulator.


The GAME is DONE! Ore No Ryomi 2 is the followup to our original cooking simulator. First of all, if you have not played the first Ore No Ryomi, do that before playing this one.

Back? Good. Wasn't it fun? Well, multiply that by 100. Now you have ONR2.

There are tons, and I mean TONS of improvements in this game. There are 6 new foods to cook, along with the original 6. Tons more stuff to buy. 73 new recipes. Everything you asked for in the sequel, its basically here. You will NOT be let down. Its quite a game.

Reviews of this game will be up soon.

NOTE: This game uses MP3 for all its music and voice. You can get mp3 support by upgrading your media player. See the troubleshooting guide for details.


So, what would you like to do?

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