Updates: December 2011

Let’s get right into some good ol’ updates on the site, the games, and more!

-Swing Swing Submarine is giving away ShellBlast today over on their official site! Stop by and give them a visit for your chance to win…and hey, who knows, maybe they’ll give away another VG game later this month too. ­čśë

-The forums have been given a redesign and have extra spam protection, so do stop on by there and let me know what you think.

-Fun stuff will be happenin’ next week, stuff that always has the potential to be delayed to another week or month unfortunately, but I’m fairly confident it’ll be next week (it’s out of my hands). What I’m basically saying is, stop by the site next week and it’ll make more sense. How’s that for vague?

-There wasn’t a screenshotsaturday update this last month as I haven’t been participating in it due to the delay of Neptune Gasoline. Hopefully I’ll have more screens to share by next month. I’ll also continue back on Game Notes and other features this month as well.

Take care and Merry Christmas!

Image by flashbang

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