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The Oil Blue Patch 1.040 Now Available (6/28)

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The Oil Blue Patch 1.040 Now Available (6/28)

Postby chubigans » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:32 am

Just a quick update that a new Oil Blue patch will be sent to all BMT Micro customers tonight. If you have purchased the Oil Blue via GamersGate, please contact me for details on obtaining the patch.

Here's the list of features that have been fixed for the game:


Minor Additions:

-Significantly changed the circle/lasersight repair minigame. The repair is now much, much easier to complete.
-Added a shortcut key to turn off the custom mouse cursor. Just press C during the Select a Save Slot menu to change to the default Windows mouse (this was added per request by a user).

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where if you had three Drill Rigs on one island and transferred oil from the second Drill Rig, the third Drill Rig would function incorrectly.
-Fixed a rare bug that would glitch the points on the map of a Drill Rig when leveling it up to level 5, 10, 15 or 20. The points on the map are now automatically cleared when you reach these levels on a Drill Rig.
-Fixed the glitch that prevented random minigames from appearing in repair processes.

This patch also contains the old 1.037 features, which included:

Minor Additions:

-Added a reminder each day that ESCAPE is the pause key.
-Made it so that the close button also functions as the escape key.
-Changed the rotating text on the top banner when you're meeting a financial objective. The game accidentally showed a barrel objective instead.
-Balanced the difficulty to make it slightly more challenging later on in the game after rank 35 instead of 20.
-Tuned the laser-sight-in-the-circle repair game so it's not quite as difficult.
-Replaced a URL in the credits section.

Bug Fixes:

-Tuned up the pause feature so that "Please Wait" only appears during an underwater transition.
-Recoded the left-right derrick buttons. A rare bug could occur that would disable the left/right arrows at certain times.
-Recoded the end of day stress level/repairs function. A rare bug could occur that would leave the derrick machine disabled into the next work day w/o repairing it.
-Fixed a small bug that rewarded you with art on Rank 13, instead of Rank 14 as it's supposed to.
-Coded a stopping procedure for ranks when you reach Rank 0.
-Fixed a small bug with the repair tutorial that allowed the player to leave a repair window open after skipping the tutorial.

(All copies purchased from now on will already have the updated patched version. Enjoy!)
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